School runs an efficient transport system plying to all major areas of South Delhi. Parents are advised to avoid the use of private vans of private owners for the safety of their wards. Those who avail the school transport are expected to bear in mind the following points:-

                                   For Bus Routes Details

  • Bus users are expected to observe good behavior so as to avoid any discomfort or inconvenience to others in the bus. Students can avail school transport subject to availability and considering the convenience of earmarked stop points.
  • Decision of school authorities regarding Routes, timing and pick up points will be finalized in the beginning of session and no changes proposed by parent(s) would be considered during the session.
  • No students shall deface or damage the bus in any way. Any damage done to the bus, shall have to be made good by the parents of the defaulter. School reserves the right to withdraw bus facility to the erring students(s).
  • Any complaint or suggestions in writing (addressed to the Principal) must be handed over to the Transport Incharge or Route I/C. Parents/Guardians are expected not to enter into any argument with the bus driver or the conductor.
  • No letters, applications, cheque and cash etc. are to be sent to the school through the driver or the conductor of the bus.
  • No students shall use the school transport if such facility has not been granted.
  • No students availing the transport facility should leave the class with walkers. In case, any student is found doing so, a strict action will be taken.
  • Parents are required to seek prior written approval for change of route for a day or more. Always travel in your route and alight only at your bus stop.
  • Application for withdrawal of Bus facility is allowed one month in advance.
  • Every parent is expected to fill in the bus user or non-user application at the beginning of the session.

                                         Withdrawal of Bus facility:-

Application should reach the office by 10th of the month. After that fee for next month to be charged as notice period. No withdrawal of Bus for month of January to March is allowed only.