The school club system is structured to nurture specific talents and interests of its students. The students have a wide variety of choices to select from. Each club ensures the learners are provided with relevant exposure, skills and experience in their specific domains. A devoted club activity period has been incorporated in the time table to ensure regularity in the activities.

Cooking is an art. While everyone should know the basic cooking, not all have the skills to fascinate gastronomic senses. The ones with armed with a balance of salt & spice join in this culinary journey.
The members are taught :-

  • cooking without fire,
  • cooking for the diseased, along with other specific and customary cooking.

Numbers are fun and playing with numbers is both a skill and a science. Members here are trained to make math fun and easy with Vedic mathematics, mental mathematics and memory enhancing techniques. The children here learn the range & richness of numbers which come alive, ….. to be symbols written on a black board, and lead the reader into a world of intellectual adventure where calculations are thrilling.

A healthy body is a perquisite to a healthy mind. Physical development and training is provided to students through separate clubs fro sports like SMASH 17(volleyball), Football, UNBEATABLES Cricket, CBA Basket ball, ACE lawn tennis. Each club has a trainer, proper premises and complete infrastructural requirements.

The in silico world today rubs shoulders with the real world and paves path for innumerable possibilities. The Computer Club provides a creative learning environment where young people explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology. The children interested in the virtual sciences come and join to web designing, Page designing, computer aided designing, animations, programming etc.

The Literary Club was formed to improve the debating skills and oratorical of the students. Students involve in various activities like group discussion debate, enactment and their public speaking is developed and encouraged with consistent practice. A discussion on subjects of importance and on debatable issues gives an opportunity for these students to improve their confidence as they are able to speak their mind freely. Activities are planned and intimated a week in advance to give them sufficient time to collect matter. The club gives them a platform across classed to interact freely and shed all inhibitions. The students literally look forward to the club period with real earnest.

The Social Sciences Department provides a broadly based, multicultural and multi-disciplinary perspective on humanity, society and environment. The Social Sciences Faculty is composed of geographers, historians and sociologists. The club is run by students under the guidance of Social Science Faculty Advisors. Recent activities includes Events planned for the 2010-2011 Academic year include a Welcoming Session where children were briefed about the Objectives of Social workers club, followed by informal discussion on present social issues. we emphasized on the following objective.

  • Purpose: Educational and Further Development: To promote and supplement the Social Justice, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology programs through seminars, workshops, public speakers, and field experience
  • Social: To promote and develop cohesiveness outside the academic setting.
  • To volunteer our time to community service at organizations such as ‘TAMMANA’ Community Services.

Astronomy club has 29 Students from Classes VI-VIII. Several concepts of time and space was introduced and the students. We have collaboration with astronomical organization SPACE which conducts various in campus and onsite activities for students.

The main objective of SCIENCE ACTIVITY CLUB is to make learning fun. Along with the making of interesting models, issues like GLOBAL WARMING-causes and solutions are discussed in the form of crossword and other fun games. Science modes like solar cooker, Pin hole camera and Barometer are made and theory behind these models are discussed.

The senior wing of school’s science club has undertaken an innovative task this year to come out with a annual newsletter. The enthusiastic members of the club actively took up the jobs of reporters/ researchers/ journalists at their level and have gathered ample material on various opinion polls, latest trends and events in science, public perceptions, historical dates of significance of the period and varied puzzles, crosswords etc based on science. The allotted club period was effectively utilized to put down this data in soft version. A team of artists have been instrumental in designing the logo and graphics for the same.

The Interact club motto “service above self” has been personified by the club’s impeccable performance in various field. An offshoot of the Rotary Club, we pledge to serve with our noble endeavors.

The following are the activities the Interact Club:-

  • Interact Club are working in close association with Rotary Club and their Social Awareness / Service Projects.
  • Blood Donation Camps,
  • Polio Vaccination drives,
  • Tree Plantation Drive,
  • Anti Smoking see the willing participation of our Interact Club members

Exploring the green thumb, the children of CNC club are mentors of environmental maintenance. From learning the basics of gardening, to the plants of economical importance to staging shows on environmental awareness, we have our little masters guarding our nature well.

DHAROHAR: HERITAGE CLUB:-  The knowledge, understanding and unkeep of our heritage is what the students learn associated with DHAROHAR

ALANKAR: ART AND CRAFT CLUB:-  Creativity has no boundaries, the boundless skills in the various forms of arts and crafts comes alive through the art and craft club. The activities galore include thread arts, canvas art, best out of waste, pencil sketches etc no name a few.

The monotony of academics is rhythmically broken by our jhankaar members. The children polish their skills in drums, synthesizer, sitar etc. We have our own CHINMAYA BAND to rock the vidyalaya to their tunes.

ALAAP: VOCAL MUSIC CLUB:- Nothing soothes more than a sweet voice and a melodious tune. The members of Alaap are groomed to fine-tune their “sur” and sing to the glory of the vidyalaya.

Drama is an art form and a perfect medium to reflect the problems of the society and nation at large. It leaves indelible effect on the minds and triggers the process of bringing awakening and dynamic changes in the thinking pattern and attitudes. It holds a mirror to the society, highlighting the contemporary problems and also suggests the solutions by compelling the different categories of the society to introspect and ponder over the social evils and to make efforts to eradicate them. The drama club of our vidyalaya is one such endeavour to bring awakening through this great art form.

The club also aims at motivating the students for public speaking, to enhance their expression power, to create interest in them for their mother tongue, to develop their logical and reasoning skill, their ability to enact, to give more stress on pronunciation and to improve their imagination power.

The ROBOTICS CLUB runs in collaboration with Building Blocks Learning Private Ltd. which works with a motto of popularizing Science and Hands-on Learning. There are year-round calendar of events planned to achieve this goal which includes inter college level Robotics competition (NRC) , Summer Camps (Robotronics Clubs) , Inter School Robotics Challenge (IRC) and Robochamp (a school based event) to name a few. The club members are regularly trained by Building Blocks team to hone their skills in robot construction and designing and also prepare them for various activities of the calendar year.