Over the years History has witness the rise of individuals to the pinnacle of Success in specific streams and the noticeable fact was that many such famous personalities were school drop out academically labeled as low achievers. This made the educationists bring in the reform in education system which evaluate the subjects over & above their scholastic scores, and thus CCE evolved.

  • The Board Vide advisory no 39. Dated 20.9.2009 introduced examination reforms and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)  in the CBSE.

  • The CCE refers to a school based evaluation of students that cover all the aspects of a student’s development. The term continuous means regular assessments greater frequency of unit testing, diagnosis of learning gaps , use of connecting measures retesting and feedback of evidences to teachers & students.

  • The term ”Comprehensive” means that the scheme attempt to come both the scholastic and the co- scholastic aspects of students growth and development. Since abilities, attitudes and aptitude can manifest themselves in forms other then the written words, the term refers to application of verity of tools and techniques (both testing & non testing) and aims at assessing a learners development in area of learning like: Knowledge, Understanding, Applying, Analysis, Evaluating and Creating.
  • An important aspect of CCE evaluation is that a child cannot be detained if he / she shows basic caliber in any field: be itscholastic, art forms, sports, music, etc. because the aim of education is not to churn out just meritorious students but also to chisel the average & all students to be vocationally competent and respectable in whatever he/ she does.

  • While initially there has been a lot of unrest amongst massage regarding the implication of CCE, an in depth analysis of the pattern of evaluation and the mass benefit implicated by CCE would help settle the doubts and accept the system which in modern scenario simply mimics our vedic system of education.